Position Statement

We are parents, grandparents and families from around the world, and we have had enough of political passivity and profit-motivated roadblocks to bold action on climate. We have come together to raise our voices for all children, everywhere, whose futures are at stake due to the escalating climate crisis.

We stand up for children suffering increasing health problems due to climate pollution. We speak up for children living in areas where droughts, storms, sea level rise, flooding and heat waves are now getting even deadlier.

We want a safe, healthy and fair future for all children. One where our children’s lives are powered by 100% clean energy, and where fossil fuels have been left in the ground.

We demand actions that are strong enough to protect the children we love from an uncertain future of escalating climate change – a situation they neither have caused, nor been given the chance to stop. We want commitments now to stabilize global temperatures, and a world powered by 100% clean energy .We need a rapid and just transition of our societies, ensuring we support those countries, people and groups most vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

Handing over a better world to the next generation is our moral responsibility as caretakers of our children, and this is a matter of justice for children everywhere. We are taking steps ourselves to tackle the problem, and we demand that our leaders and politicians step up and act boldly on climate change. Now.