Position Statement


We are parents, grandparents and families from around the world, and we are acting to protect the children we love – and children everywhere – from the threats posed by the current climate crisis and air pollution.

We are the uncompromising defenders of the most vulnerable children living where droughts, storms, sea level rise, flooding and heat waves are now getting even deadlier. And for children suffering increasing health problems due to climate pollution, like asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses.

We are supporting the children and youth all over the world  who are demanding bold action to address the climate crisis through school strikes, lawsuits and and other ways of making making their voices heard.

We are using our parent power to ensure that all children have a right to a safe, healthy and fair future, today and tomorrow – a future full of hope and possibilities. And we will ensure that governments and companies are held to account.


Even though we know how to solve the climate crisis and we have the technological solutions, the transitioning of our societies is stalled. This is due to a lack of will from political leaders, companies clinging to old business models, and too little public pressure to change the status quo. This is what is destroying our climate system, on which life itself depends.

Today’s climate policies and commitments is set to take us to a world beyond 3℃ degrees of warming. This is putting all of humanity at risk and we simply cannot accept handing over such a world to our children.

The climate crisis is already harming our children today, through even deadlier droughts, storms, sea level rise, flooding and heat waves, and children are the most vulnerable to these disasters. They are also disproportionately impacted by resulting poverty, food insecurity and displacement. The psychological trauma caused by these disasters is often severe. There’s no sugar coating it – more of our children will die and get harmed if we don’t act swiftly.


Transitioning our societies will mean a better future for all of us. It will mean cleaner air, thriving ecosystems and healthier people. That’s why we need more parents to rise up to protect the children we love – and children everywhere – from the climate crisis, and support the transition to a better tomorrow.

We want a safe, healthy and fair future for all children. We are already taking steps in our own lives to decrease our impact on the earth, to change our communities and act politically.

But it’s not enough.

We demand transformative political, societal and business solutions based on science, that are strong enough to protect the children we love from an uncertain future of escalating climate change – a situation they neither have caused, nor are responsible for. We need to systematically name and confront the powerful interests blocking climate action.  We can’t leave a world to our children where our basic survival systems (food, water, safety from extreme disasters) are threatened.

We want commitments now to treat climate change as the global crisis that it is, to work to quickly stabilise global temperatures, and completely decarbonise our economies. We want a prosperous future for our children to thrive, powered through a clean energy-based economy.

We need a rapid and just transition of our societies to clean, renewable energy and increase resilience to climate impacts, ensuring we support those countries, people and groups most vulnerable to the effects of climate change. This includes changing the approach of government and big business to make sure they work to secure a prosperous future for humanity.

Handing over a livable world where the next generation can thrive, is our moral responsibility as caretakers of our children, and this is a matter of justice for children everywhere. We will use the power of the love for our children, our collective voices and our votes to drive transformational change.

The time to act is right now.