Global Climate Strike: 20–27th September, 2019

Use your parent power! Young people from around the world are urging adults to step up and join them during a week of action, the Global Week For Future, the 20-27th September. The week kicks off with youth-led school strikes on the 20th, with everyone invited to support them. The 27th will be a day for adults to strike from their workplaces, for those who can. Different countries will organize activities on different days during the week. You can register you own strike and see what others are doing here.

Three things that parents can do during the Global Week For Future:

  • If you’re able to, strike from your workplace on the 27th. If not, start a discussion at work about why the kids are striking

  • Support the youth strikes by sharing their stories and and messages on social media on the 20th, using the hashtags #TheKidsAreRight it’s @OurKidsClimate

  • If you have a kid that is striking, ask them what support they want from you