The Our Kids’ Climate groups are from all over the world. We are all committed to working together to protect the kids we love from the escalating climate crisis.

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The Our Kids’ Climate spokespeople come from climate-parent groups from all over the world. We currently have moms and dads from the growing parent movement in 21 countries, and counting. Please email us us to find a spokesperson near you!

Frida Berry Eklund
Frida Berry EklundOur Kids' Climate Communication Lead
Frida is the founder of Swedish climate-parent group, Föräldravrålet and the founder of Our Kids Climate. She lives in Stockholm Sweden and has two kids.
Jill Kubit
Jill KubitOur Kids' Climate Fundraising Lead
Jill Kubit is the co-founder of DearTomorrow, a global climate storytelling project and founding member of Our Kids’ Climate. Jill lives in New York and is the mom of Gabriel.
Gretchen Dahlkemper
Gretchen DahlkemperOur Kids' Climate Mobilization Lead
Gretchen Dahlkemper is a freelance campaign strategist. She previously worked for Mom’s Clean Air Force. She lives in Philadelphia and is a mum of three kids.