We are a growing international coalition of parent and grandparent groups from around the world who have science lab papers come together to demand bold action to protect the children we love from catastrophic climate change. While the majority of the groups listed are in the global north, we are keenly interested in identifying, partnering with and helping speech on responsibility support of the launch of family focused climate groups in the global south. Please join us!

Groups and organizations that are part of the Our Kids’ Climate coalition include: Norwegian Grandparents Climate Campaign; (Norway); Grands-Parents pour le climat – Suisse (Switzerland); Climate Mama (US); Climate Parents (US); Climate Parents (Finland); Parents Roar/Föräldravrålet, (Sweden); Moms Clean Air Force (US); DearTomorrow (US); Mothers Out Front (US); No Planeta B (global); Canadian Parents for Climate Action (Canada); The 2050 Project (Australia); The Mothers Project (global).

To mobilize parents, grandparents, and families worldwide to demand action strong enough to protect all children from the threats posed by climate change.


  • Build a vibrant movement of parents, grandparents, and families that are ready to act in support of the children we love.
  • Push for the strongest possible climate action at the national and international level to protect the world’s children from the threats posed by climate change.
  • Provide an educational platform for parents who are not yet engaged in climate advocacy to learn more about the movement and connect with other parents.
  • Gather hundreds of thousands of petition signatures from parents and grandparents worldwide to help heighten pressure in Paris and beyond for strong climate action commitments.


  • Parents and families have a strong and visual presence in Paris at the COP21 climate conference.
  • Deliver hundreds of thousands of petition signatures to leaders in Paris from parents, grandparents and families across the globe to heighten pressure for a strong global agreement.
  • Educate parents, grandparents, and families about the climate crisis and the urgent need for bold action to protect children and future generations.
  • Pressure local, state and national governments post-Paris to drastically reduce climate pollution.


1. Sign the petition and share with your friends!
2. If you are part of a parents or grandparents organization, or want to start one, please contact the Our Kids’ Climate team here.
3. Volunteer with a national group to help build the Our Kids’ Climate movement.