Intergenerational Climate Microgrants

Microgrants are small grants (£2,000 GBP or £4,000 GBP) for parent-led, intergenerational, and family-centered climate engagement work. They aim to help climate organizers carry out climate projects and activities, from webinars, to art exhibitions, to communication materials, to campaigning actions.

Our Kids’ Climate has been supporting local and national parent climate groups through Microgrants since 2020. In 2022, we expanded the Microgrant program through a partnership with UMI Fund and The Social Change Nest (SCN). In 2023, 30 projects from 26 countries were allocated one of our Microgrants. We received almost 500 applications in our 2023 application round. Given the quality of applications we received, we have awarded our 2024 Microgrant budget to a further 23 projects from 15 countries who applied in the 2023 application round.

In total, we have supported over 90 projects from 42 countries since 2022. We plan to open for new applications in 2025.

Projects we have funded


We are now closed for applications.

When we open, Intergenerational Climate Microgrants are for groups and individuals carrying out parent-led, intergenerational, and family-centered climate engagement work.

We welcome applications from:

Individuals and groups engaging mixed ages of adults and youth as well as groups focussing on engaging grandparents, families, parents and carers.

All regions of the world, although we will give priority to the global south in order to build capacity in underserved areas/geographies where parent climate organizing needs extra support, resources and capacity.

Grassroots groups or individuals; those with limited or no funding will be given priority. Those with external funding are still eligible and encouraged to apply.

Our full eligibility criteria for the 2023 Intergenerational Climate Microgrants can be found here.

We are now closed for applications.

When open, our Microgrant program provides small grants for projects and activities that:

-Are led by parents, carers, families and intergenerational teams, and work across age groups.

-Work on issues and themes which are strategically important to growing intergenerational and parent climate engagement, including: projects that could be replicated by other intergenerational groups; highly creative public engagement projects; high-impact campaigning projects; strategic communications projects; and projects aligned with the existing strategic campaigns of the global parent climate movement, including fossil fuel use, children’s health and air pollution. Innovative project ideas are also welcomed.

-Have a very clear budget, goal and work plan.

-Can be implemented in 4 months (between November 2023 and March 2024)

-Have a budget of either £2,000 GBP (approx. $2,500 USD) or £4,000 GBP (approx. $5,000 USD)

If you help us understand how our grant will allow you to strengthen the movement for greater climate action, we are open to funding a wide range of activities. These can include, but are not limited to:

-Gatherings, mobilization or events – linked to a specific campaign opportunity, theme or recruitment;

-Receiving or providing training, skill shares or convenings;

-Strategy development, organizational development, consultancy, designers, writers, translators, filmmakers or technical support for initiatives aimed at institutional strengthening of the movement (non-material services);

-Purchasing needed equipment, materials or technology (including laptop, website, etc);

-Individual’s time working for the group;

-Climate policy advocacy;

-Climate and gender mainstreaming.

We are presently not providing funding for research, entrepreneurial activities (including solar power generation), or well funded NGOs. However, small-scale activities that help to develop sustainable livelihoods may be considered in line with eligible projects listed above.

Our full eligibility criteria can be found here.

We recommend that each group presents only one proposal. We are currently closed for applications.

Your application will be reviewed by a committee of six representatives from the parent-climate movement from Nigeria, Spain, Finland, Brazil and Uganda. Please view our eligibility criteria to make sure your application is in line, as this criteria will be used to make decisions about whether to fund or not. Our full eligibility criteria can be found here.

If your application is approved, we will get in touch and assist you in finding the best way to disburse and manage your grant. We will ask you to keep receipts of your expenses and, once your project is completed, to let us know how the grant has helped you achieve your goals. The money will be distributed via The Social Change Nest (SCN). There may be difficulties and delays in sending funds to some countries. We can’t transfer funds via Western Union and PayPal. Only bank transfers may be used in sending funds to accepted projects.

The Microgrant program provides funding for specific climate projects and actions that you or your group is carrying out. The work will be parent-led, intergenerational, or family-centered climate engagement work. You will need to provide a budget and report on the success of your project.

The Fellowship is a year-long program for leading organizers carrying out parent-led, intergenerational, or family-centered climate engagement work. The Fellows receive a stipend to enable them to make their climate organizing more sustainable. They also take part in community building sessions/training throughout the year to strengthen their leadership and organizing skills. The Fellowship also acts as a peer-to-peer learning network. Find out more about the Fellowship here.

When are now closed for applications. When we open for applications, we accept responses in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Any further questions on the Microgrant Program please contact Please note, we are now closed for applications.