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Who We Are

As parents, it’s our job to worry about our kids and keep them safe. But the climate crisis is complex, scary and it’s threatening our kids’ lives and futures.

We are a network of 58 parent groups from 23 countries who are uniting for climate action to protect the kids we love from the climate crisis.

We act because we must for our kids, many of them too young to make their voices heard and to vote. We believe that working with parents on climate has the potential to move mountains.

”Our children’s future must be one where they not only survive, but where they can thrive. Their future and ours rests on what we do today.”

Harriet Shugarman,
ClimateMama, USA

”We risk handing our children a broken world on the verge of climate chaos. We must move away from fossil-fuelled business as usual and set the world on a better path.”

Xoli Fuyani,
Earthchild, South Africa

”Children are losing their health, their lives, and their futures because of climate chaos.”

Jesus Garcia,
Madres Por El Clima, Spain

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