Climate Dads

The Climate Dads model is based on a three phase process.

Fathers are invited to express how a more unpredictable environmental future may affect their families. Articles will share actionable advice for parents to help avoid and adapt to the threats posed by climate change. We provide specific tools and resources for fathers who wish to lessen their households’ contributions to climate change. This includes recommendations for improving energy efficiency, transitioning to renewable energy, diversifying transportation options, and leveraging financial incentives for clean energy. Advice will be provided as well on how to address indirect impacts such as investing in environmentally responsible retirement options.


Assist fathers in raising environmentally engaged children who are prepared to follow their parents’ environmental leadership, by provide educational resources, supported with suggested reading materials, outdoor activities and DIY environmental science projects.


We seek to develop a grassroots movement of fathers and their families. Followers will be advised to organize chapter groups that advance meaningful political and social action. In support, Climate Dads will assist grassroots chapters in organizing social events, outdoor trips, lobby events, attendance at public hearings/testimonies and political canvassing events. Climate Dads will offer an advocacy toolkit among its set of outreach resources.

Climate Dads is creating a global movement of male caregivers collaborating to solve climate change. We are a platform for caregivers who want credible, timely and relevant information on climate-related issues and those who are concerned about the risks posed by a changing climate. We will provide actionable steps for interested fathers, including free resources, local chapter social events and political advocacy opportunities.