New Norwegian climate-parent group: Foreldreløftet

A Norwegian group of active grandparents, standing up for climate action alongside the children and youth, have been present for years. Recently, there has been a growing awareness of the open space where the adults ought to be. During Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training in March this year a meeting between Frida Berry Eklund from the Swedish organization Föräldravrålet and Veslemøy Klavenes-Berge from Norway got the ball rolling and the Norwegian organization Foreldreløftet was founded this summer.

Parents and adults are ready for more commitment, and the goal is to have a significant group working across political views, religion, interests and fields of knowledge, doing what they can to make a change, in all the arenas where they have influence.

A dedicated group of individuals have been working together on this from the very start, and since the launch in early August the numbers of supporters have been growing steadily. The focus will be on letting the decision makers know that people are ready for a change. The number of adults willing to do their part for future generations is increasing by the hour, and together with the international coalition Our Kids’ Climate we will become a force which is impossible to ignore.